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About me

My option on BREXIT:

I'm a life long conservative voter, who was born in the UK, but since the BREXIT vote last year I'm growing more and more concerned with government that claims to represent me.

The the extent that the UK doesn't feel like home.

For those who don't know me:-

I'm Steve, 45 living in Maidstone, where I've lived for 16 years now, before that I lived in Orpington, which is on the edge of Greater London.

I work as a senior software engineer for a Telecommunication equipment maker, our claim to fame is that we designed the Mass Calling systems used in the UK for all the major tele-votes and Timeline.

I’m a member of Institution of Engineering and Technology IET, formerly the known as the IEE, which granted me Chartered Engineer Status a few years ago.

Outside of Work

When I’m not working, I’m a keen photographer, taking mainly landscapes and close ups.

I live with two female cats called Kafka and Flo, which I adopted from Cat Protection about 5 years ago.

I’m also a member of the National Trust and like to visit (and photograph) there properties.

I’m also a member of an activities club called SPICE, which arranges events from the monthly pub night, meals, walks through to fire walking and eating, via tank driving and wing walking.  See the linked pages for more details.

October 2011 I had a Solar PV system installed on my roof, current production stats here.